Кремация в Грузии. Крематорий в Тбилиси

Cremation in Georgia. Crematorium in Tbilisi.

Сremation in Georgia. Crematorium in Tbilisi.Is cremation possible in Georgia? Is there a crematorium in Tbilisi? How much does it cost to cremate a person? What documents are required for the cremation of a deceased in Georgia? So, we will try to answer in detail the above questions in the materials of this short article. Looking ahead, we will say that cremation in Georgia is quite real. Despite the fact that the crematorium in Tbilisi is closed.

Cremation in Georgia – Address and Phone Number:

Cremation in Georgia is carried out by the company:

Name: LTD ElitBiuro24

Address: Tbilisi, Peikrebi 64

Schedule: 24/7

Phone: +995 511 14 41 41   or   +995 550 00 00 82

By these phone numbers you can get detailed information about the cost of the service, terms of execution and find out the list of required documents.


Additional Information:

Is there a Crematorium in Tbilisi?

Currently, there are no operating crematoria on the territory of Georgia! Not in Tbilisi, not in Batumi, or in any other cities. The last crematorium in Tbilisi was closed more than 30 years ago by the decision of the Georgian government. For a long time among Georgians, cremation was not a very popular service due to religious beliefs. The almost complete lack of demand for the service led to the closure of the crematorium. However, today the situation has changed a lot… Cremation in Georgia is gradually becoming a very popular service.

Is cremation necessary in Georgia?

The lack of land for expanding cemeteries and, as a consequence, the high cost of burial plot are beginning to change the established views of Georgians on cremation. The cost of a grave in Georgia for the burial of a relative is approximately US $ 1200. And this is only a plot for 1 person! Additional costs will be required for a coffin, hearse services and a funeral service. It is not customary to buy several plots at a cemetery in Georgia at once. Plus, it’s very expensive. Therefore, the graves of relatives are scattered throughout the cemetery. This greatly complicates the care of the burial site and adds a lot of inconvenience.

Кремация в Грузии. Крематорий в Тбилиси Урна

Do not separate relatives!

Cremation in Georgia could solve this problem. The urn with ashes does not pose any biological hazard. It doesn’t take much space to bury it. Moreover, this approach allows you to bury loved ones nearby and not separate them after death. You can bury an urn with ashes right in the grave of a previously deceased relative or nearby. In a small area, you can organize a generic columbarium. At least 20 urns after cremation can easily fit on one plot. All developed countries of Europe and the world have been following this path for a long time. Cremation in Georgia is an opportunity to create a family burial in one section of the cemetery.

In addition, we must not forget that Georgia is a multi-confessional country, both in terms of nationalities and religions. Quite a large number of Jews, Chinese, Koreans, Europeans and representatives of many other nations live here. Cremation for them is a more familiar treatment with the body of the deceased than burial in the ground. Representatives of religious communities around the world today no longer speak out against cremation. Everyone understands perfectly well that in the realities of modern life this is the norm to which one must strive. So, cremation is not carried out in Georgia, the crematorium in Tbilisi does not work – what to do?!…

We Offer to Perform Cremation in Russia.

Our company provides cremation services in Russia. We are ready to pick up the body of the deceased at the border with Georgia. Aftet that take immediately it to cremation and return the urn with the ashes back. Cremation is performed in the city of Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Territory. Delivery to the crematorium from the border of Georgia and Russia takes no more than 12 hours. Immediately after arrival, the coffin with the body of the deceased is sent to cremation. No long waits, delays or long stays in the morgue.

At the request of the relatives, a video recording of the loading of the coffin with the body of the deceased into the cremation furnace can be made. All the necessary package of documents is drawn up and the urn with the ashes is delivered back to Georgia for transfer to relatives. Cremation in Georgia through a crematorium in Russia is official, convenient and fast.

About the crematorium.

The Novorossiysk crematorium is located on a hill near the city of Novorossiysk. Practically on the seashore. A very picturesque place, literally mesmerizing with the beauty of nature around. From the site of the crematorium one can see the Caucasian ridge and the Black Sea. The crematorium was built in 2018 according to European quality standards. In conclusion, since cremation is not carried out in Georgia, the crematorium in Tbilisi is closed, in fact, this is the only way to get an urn with the ashes of a close relative.

Cremation in Georgia – How to Order?

To order cremation in Georgia, you need to contact our partner:

LTD ElitBiuro24, Tbilisi, Peikrebi 64, +995 511 14 41 41  +995 550 00 00 82

This is our permanent representative on the territory of Georgia. The company’s specialists will provide you with detailed advice. Help you with paperwork. Deliver the coffin with the body of the deceased to the border with Russia. And bring the ashes back after cremation. By phone, you can find out the exact cost of cremation. It is different for all cities of Georgia. Also, the company’s specialists can clarify for you a complete list of required documents.

Cremation in Georgia is Possible!


Кремация в Грузии. Крематорий в Тбилиси. Сremation in Georgia. Crematorium in Tbilisi. კრემაცია საქართველოში. კრემატორიუმი თბილისში. K’rematsia Sakartveloshi. K’remat’oriumi Tbilisshi.

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